10 Prettiest and Most Instagrammable Places in Tokyo

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Tokyo, a city that never truly sleeps, is a treasure trove of photogenic spots. From neon-lit skyscrapers and bustling crosswalks to serene gardens and historic temples, Tokyo blends the ultramodern with the traditional seamlessly. For anyone looking to capture the essence of this dynamic city on Instagram, each corner offers a new visual feast. Whether you’re after the hustle of Shibuya or the calm of a Zen garden, Tokyo’s diverse landscapes provide stunning backdrops that are sure to mesmerize your followers.

Shibuya Crossing

Shibuya Crossing is one of the most iconic locations in Tokyo, famed for being one of the busiest pedestrian crossings in the world. The sight of hundreds of people crossing from all directions the moment the traffic lights turn green is a spectacle of organized chaos that epitomizes Tokyo’s vibrant urban life.

Senso-ji Temple

Senso-ji Temple, located in the historic Asakusa district, is Tokyo’s oldest and most colorful temple. The vibrant reds of the temple, the giant lantern at the Kaminarimon gate, and the bustling Nakamise shopping street leading up to the temple offer countless photographic opportunities that capture the essence of traditional Japan.

Meiji Shrine

Meiji Shrine is a serene escape nestled in the heart of Tokyo near Harajuku. Surrounded by a dense forest, this Shinto shrine is dedicated to the deified spirits of Emperor Meiji and his consort. The shrine’s tranquil gardens and grand torii gates provide a contrast to the nearby bustling city areas.


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Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden is a large park blending three distinct garden styles: French Formal, English Landscape, and Japanese Traditional. It is especially beautiful during cherry blossom season when the gardens are filled with blooming sakura, creating a picturesque setting for both relaxation and photography.


Harajuku is Tokyo’s hub of youthful fashion and pop culture, best known for its colorful street art, fashion boutiques, and the trend-setting Takeshita Street. This area is a must-visit for capturing the exuberant street life and eclectic styles that define modern Japanese youth culture.

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower, inspired by Paris’ Eiffel Tower, is a red and white lattice tower that serves as a television broadcasting structure and a tourist attraction. It offers panoramic views of the sprawling Tokyo metropolis from its observation decks, making it a perfect spot for capturing the city’s skyline.


Odaiba is a futuristic man-made island in Tokyo Bay, known for its innovative architecture and entertainment complexes. It offers a unique view of the Rainbow Bridge and the replica Statue of Liberty, providing a distinct blend of Tokyo’s modern landscape against the waterfront.

Nezu Museum

Nezu Museum is notable for its exquisite blend of modern architecture and traditional Japanese garden. Located in the fashionable Aoyama district, the museum houses a fine collection of Asian arts, while the garden is a hidden paradise perfect for thoughtful, peaceful strolls.

Yoyogi Park

Yoyogi Park is one of Tokyo’s largest city parks featuring wide lawns, ponds, and forested areas. It is a popular spot for picnics, jogging, and outdoor activities, especially on Sundays when it becomes a gathering place for people to perform music, practice dance, or simply enjoy the casual atmosphere.


Nakameguro is a quiet neighborhood famous for its scenic canal lined with cherry trees. During the sakura season, the canal is a breathtaking sight with blossoms overhanging the water, creating a stunning natural tunnel of pink and white flowers reflected in the calm waters below, ideal for peaceful walks and photos.


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