Worst Time to Visit Maui: Don’t Go in These Months

Worst Time to Visit Maui: Don't Go in These Months

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If you want to enjoy your Hawaiian vacation in Maui to the fullest, you’d like to do it at a leisurely pace with great weather so you can do all sorts of outdoor activities. That would mean if you want to enjoy your trip, you would want to do it in months when there aren’t many crowds and when the place is good enough to get the right amount of tropical sun.

If you take the factors, you would want to avoid months like July, December, and January. While July has the least rainfall of the year, it is also the month most people would flock to the Hawaiian Islands to enjoy a proper summer vacation. December and January are popular tourist months due to them being the holidays.

But if you don’t mind the big crowds or if you prefer a cooler temperature, maybe some of these factors wouldn’t affect your visit. Prices of food and some goodies might increase or decrease in certain months, so it’s a good idea to plan your stay if you want to buy souvenirs.

What are the Months to Avoid going to Maui?

Worst Time to Visit Maui: Don't Go in These Months

If you’re hoping to avoid huge crowds and enjoy a slightly inexpensive vacation, you may want to avoid December and January. Because of the holidays, people tend to flock towards the islands to enjoy a tropical Christmas getaway from school or work. With more tourists on the island, prices of hotels and other commodities tend to spike up.


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The holidays usually extend to the New Year, so Early January is still pretty crowded. However, suppose you want to avoid crowds. In that case, it’s recommended to avoid the later parts of December and early parts of January as tourists and locals alike tend to flood the streets to do holiday shopping.

Not only is the crowd pretty bad, but the weather might also be something most tourists would want to avoid if they were expecting a highly sunny Hawaiian vacation. December is also the month with the most rainfall, and the weather remains cool till the early parts of January.

Another month that probably contends in terms of crowds would be the on-season month of July. Hawaii, in general, is pretty crowded during this month, but since Maui is one of the more popular tourist islands, the majority of the crowd tends to gravitate toward the small island.

However, this month is also the most popular because people who are after the most sunshine manage to experience this if they go on this month. So, if you are after the sun and don’t mind crowded beaches, then July might not be the wrong time for you.

Is There a Time in December That’s Good to Book a Trip to Maui?

Despite December being probably one of the worst months to go to Maui, there’s a small window on those months that allows tourists to roam around Maui before the enormous crowds come in. So, while early to mid-December may bring in some showers, it’s also when you can enjoy the island with very few tourists.

Not to mention, most people actually find the cool air of December enjoyable and do a lot of Maui activities despite the chance of rain showers. So while December does promise a few showers on its days, not everyday rains, you might be lucky enough to catch just enough sun that wouldn’t cause you to burn up.

In addition, December is also the start of Whale season, so early December is a good time if you want to do some whale watching on the island before everyone else tries their shot in the later part of the month.

What Part of December Should Be Avoided?

Worst Time to Visit Maui: Don't Go in These Months

The later parts of December to early January are usually the dates you want to avoid since those dates are the peak of the holiday season. This would mean several locals and tourists hoping to enjoy the holidays in Hawaii would be bustling all over Maui.

Similar to everywhere else in the world, prices also hike in Maui for the holidays. Prices are at an all-time high not only on goods but hotels and lodging would also be pricy. Maui is also more desirable to go among the islands during the December months due to the island having the least rainfall during this month.

Why is July a Bad Time to Go to Maui?

Maui is already busy all year round, but it attracts most of its tourists in July. July is usually the time people would book their trips. So, the number one reason you should consider avoiding this month is the crowd.

July is the busiest month for the island as many families also take this time to bring the children to experience summer in Hawaii because of the activities in Maui a family can partake in. despite the crowds for years, tourists still go to the island.

Meanwhile, what it’s rare, July is also the most likely time of the year the island might get hit by a hurricane. It rarely happens, but in case you’re in Maui, it’s best to take shelter and avoid the water in the meantime.

If July is the only month a person has free time from work or school, Maui can still be enjoyable despite the crowd. One can enjoy several festivals and activities during the summer in Maui. If you want to keep to a schedule, consider a guided tour to help lessen traffic.

What Month Has the Most Rainfall in Maui?

Luckily, December isn’t the month with the most rainfall in Maui. The month with the most rainfall on the tropical island is actually March. So, if you’re really after Maui’s sun, then maybe consider skipping the March month. On the plus side, this is also an off-season since most people come to Hawaii to enjoy the sun.

When is the Best Time to Visit Maui?

Worst Time to Visit Maui: Don't Go in These Months

Maui is primarily good all year round since it’s a tropical island. However, if you consider crowd and accommodations, the months of April, May, August, September, and even early October look promising for a Maui vacation.

Whether wise these are the best months to hit the beach in Maui, even if there is always a chance of rainfall, it is usually short-lived. April and May are the months with the lowest accommodation fees due to the island being less crowded in these months. So, if you want to feel like you have Maui all to yourself, consider spring a perfect season to have an early summer vacation.

Maui also has several events lined up during those months. For example, the Aloha Festival usually happens in September. The event honors the traditions and culture of the Hawaiian Islands. In addition, a ukulele festival also happens during the month of September. So, if you’re an enthusiast of culture, music, and art, September has a lot in store for you.

Why is Spring the Recommended Time to Visit Maui?

Spring is a recommended month in Maui because this is usually the time the weather is most ideal. Maui is not too hot or cold during these months, making it easier for tourists to go around without feeling exhausted from the sun beating down their backs.

Spring also comes with a wide range of events. During April, the east part of Maui celebrates the Taro Festival. They commemorate a crop called Taro, and this is your chance to taste some of their best cuisines using Taro as the main ingredient.

Maui also has a three-day festival called the Steel Guitar Festival in the month of May. What’s awesome is the event is entirely free. Tourists will get to witness several live performances in the town. Tourists can even participate in the workshops and several other activities.

Another harvest festival called the Maui Onion Festival also happens in the month of May. Similar to the Taro Festival. The Onion festival celebrates the onion crop, and it’s an excellent chance to try dishes that use the product during this festival.


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