How Old Do You Need To Be To Get a Hotel Room In Wyoming?

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When planning a trip to Wyoming, one of the essential questions you might have is about the age requirement for booking a hotel room. It’s a practical concern, especially for young travelers or families with teenagers. In this article, we’ll delve into the age requirements for hotel bookings in Wyoming, ensuring you have all the information you need for a smooth travel experience. We’ll keep it straightforward and to the point, so you can focus on the more exciting parts of your trip!

Understanding Wyoming’s Age Requirements for Hotel Stays

In Wyoming, the standard age requirement to book a hotel room is 18 years old. This is because individuals under 18 are considered minors and may not enter into contracts, including hotel agreements. However, some hotels might set their own minimum age higher, like 21 years, especially in places that serve alcohol. It’s always a good idea to check with the specific hotel beforehand to avoid any surprises.

Hotels set these age requirements for legal and safety reasons. For travelers under 18, this can be a hurdle. If you’re a young traveler or planning a trip for a minor, knowing these age limitations is crucial for a hassle-free hotel booking experience in Wyoming.

Legal Aspects of Hotel Bookings for Minors in Wyoming

The legal landscape in Wyoming views individuals under 18 as unable to legally consent to most contracts, including those for hotel stays. This legal stance is primarily for the protection of minors and to ensure that adults are responsible for any contractual obligations. Therefore, hotels are cautious and often require guests to be at least 18 to avoid legal complexities.


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For minors traveling to Wyoming, this means that unless they’re accompanied by an adult, hotel booking can be challenging. It’s important for young travelers and their guardians to understand these legal nuances to ensure compliance and a smooth travel experience. Some hotels may make exceptions, but these are rare and typically require parental involvement or consent.

Why Age Matters: Hotel Policies Explained

Hotel policies regarding age are not just about legality; they also involve considerations of responsibility and liability. Hotels in Wyoming, like elsewhere, assume that guests can be held accountable for their actions, including any damages or legal issues that might arise during their stay. This assumption is more straightforward with adult guests.

The age requirement also relates to the services offered within the hotel, like access to a gym, spa, or bar. These facilities often have their own age restrictions, which hotels need to enforce. As such, setting an age limit for room bookings helps hotels manage these aspects more efficiently and ensure a safe environment for all guests.

Tips for Young Travelers Seeking Hotel Accommodation in Wyoming

For young travelers navigating the hotel booking process in Wyoming, there are some tips to keep in mind. First, always confirm the hotel’s age policy. This can vary, so it’s better to be sure before making any plans.

  • Research: Look for hotels that are known to accommodate younger guests.
  • Communication: Contact the hotel directly to discuss your situation. Sometimes, hotels are more flexible when they understand the circumstances.
  • Alternatives: Consider other types of accommodations like hostels or Airbnb, which might have different age requirements.
  • Planning: Travel with an adult if possible, as this can simplify the booking process significantly.

Finally, remember that preparation is key. With a little extra effort, finding suitable accommodation can be a straightforward process, even for younger travelers.

Navigating Exceptions and Parental Consent Situations

In some cases, hotels in Wyoming may make exceptions to their age policies, particularly with parental consent. This consent typically involves a written and sometimes notarized document where the parent or guardian assumes responsibility for the minor’s stay. This process helps hotels mitigate legal risks while accommodating younger guests.

Another exception scenario involves group bookings or events like school trips, where chaperones are present. In these cases, hotels might relax their age policies, understanding that adults are overseeing the minors. It’s essential to communicate clearly with the hotel about these situations to ensure all requirements are met and the stay is legally compliant.

Preparing for Your Stay: Essential Documents and Information

Before you check into a Wyoming hotel, preparing the necessary documents is important. This ensures a smooth check-in process and can help avoid any last-minute complications.

  • Identification: A valid ID, like a driver’s license or passport, is crucial.
  • Payment Method: Ensure you have a credit card or other accepted payment method.
  • Confirmation Details: Keep your booking confirmation and any communication from the hotel handy.
  • Parental Consent: If applicable, have the necessary parental consent forms.

Finally, it’s wise to familiarize yourself with the hotel’s policies on check-in and check-out times, cancellations, and other services. Knowing these details in advance can make your stay more enjoyable and stress-free.


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