15 Hotel Booking Websites That Accept Afterpay

Hotel Booking Websites That Accept Afterpay

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In today’s digital era, flexibility in payment has become a hallmark of exceptional customer service. For travelers and vacation planners seeking a more manageable way to budget their accommodation expenses, hotel booking websites that accept Afterpay are a game-changer. This innovative payment solution allows customers to book their dream stays now and pay in convenient installments.

Dive into our curated list of these accommodating platforms and discover how you can make your next getaway more financially comfortable.

1. Agoda

Agoda stands tall as one of the most recognized names in the hotel booking industry. Not only does it offer an extensive range of accommodations globally, but its partnership with Afterpay also showcases its commitment to providing flexible payment options.

This collaboration ensures that travelers can book their desired stays without being immediately burdened by the full cost. Through Agoda’s user-friendly interface and vast hotel choices, coupled with Afterpay’s seamless payment experience, travelers get both variety and financial ease.


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2. Luxury Escapes

For those who have an appetite for opulence without the immediate financial pinch, Luxury Escapes with Afterpay is the ideal choice. This platform curates a selection of the world’s most luxurious retreats, offering travelers the opportunity to experience unparalleled indulgence.

With Afterpay, this premium experience doesn’t demand an upfront premium price, letting guests spread their payments over time. It’s an invitation to enjoy luxury travel while maintaining a comfortable budget.

3. RedBalloon

Beyond just hotel bookings, RedBalloon serves as a platform for incredible experiences and getaways. Whether it’s a boutique hotel stay or a wine-tasting weekend, RedBalloon offers a diverse range of escapes.


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Partnering with Afterpay means these dreamy breaks are financially accessible, allowing customers to plan their perfect escape today and pay for it in manageable installments. This combination offers a unique opportunity for adventure seekers to expand their horizons without stretching their wallets.

4. Klook

Klook has rapidly risen as a top name in the world of travel experiences, offering everything from city tours to exclusive event bookings. Incorporating Afterpay into its payment methods shows Klook’s dedication to facilitating memorable travels without immediate financial strain.

Now, wanderlusters can embark on their chosen adventures, enjoying the flexibility of paying over time, making memorable journeys more attainable than ever.

5. ExperienceOz

Proudly Australian, ExperienceOz offers travelers an authentic taste of what the land down under has to offer. From iconic landmarks to hidden gems, this platform is all about unique Aussie experiences.

Thanks to Afterpay, these once-in-a-lifetime opportunities become even more enticing, allowing travelers to immerse themselves in Australia’s beauty and culture while enjoying the ease of installment payments.

6. Adrenaline

For the thrill-seekers and adventure enthusiasts, Adrenaline serves as the gateway to heart-pounding activities and experiences. Whether it’s skydiving or shark cage diving, Adrenaline ensures an adrenaline rush is just a booking away.

With Afterpay, these bold adventures become more financially feasible, making it easier for daredevils to chase their next exhilarating experience without a huge upfront cost.

7. Amazed

Amazed lives up to its name by offering travelers truly amazing and unique travel experiences. With a curated list of unforgettable stays and activities, this platform caters to those looking for something out of the ordinary.


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By incorporating Afterpay, Amazed ensures that these exclusive adventures are within reach, giving travelers the freedom to book now and manage their finances later.

8. Backpacker Deals

Catering especially to the backpacking community, Backpacker Deals offers a blend of affordable accommodations and authentic experiences.

With Afterpay on board, even the most budget-conscious traveler can stretch their dollars further, unlocking new destinations and adventures. It’s a perfect synergy, enabling backpackers to explore more of the world without the financial stress.

9. Play Travel

Play Travel brings to the table an innovative approach to travel bookings, combining accommodations, experiences, and more. Their partnership with Afterpay is a testament to their commitment to ease and convenience.

Now, jet-setters can plan their entire trip, from stays to activities, and enjoy the luxury of paying in installments, making vacations more relaxing in every sense.

10. Webjet

Webjet, as a comprehensive online travel agency, offers everything from flights to hotel stays. By integrating Afterpay, they’ve redefined the booking experience, making it smoother for travelers to plan their trips without the immediate burden of costs.

This strategic move ensures travelers have more options and flexibility in crafting their perfect journey.

11. Urban Swan

Urban Swan elegantly combines stylish accommodations with exceptional service. The inclusion of Afterpay showcases their modern approach to luxury travel.

Guests can now indulge in sophisticated urban retreats, all the while managing their expenses effortlessly over time, proving that luxury can indeed be accessible.

12. ClassBento

ClassBento stands out by focusing on crafting experiences, from workshops to immersive classes. Partnering with Afterpay, they’ve made it simpler for enthusiasts to dive into new learning experiences without the immediate financial commitment.


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It’s a celebration of learning, artistry, and culture, all made more attainable through flexible payments.

13. Jetstar

Jetstar, known primarily for its affordable flights, also extends its services to hotel bookings. With Afterpay as a payment option, travelers can easily book their flights and accommodations together, simplifying their travel planning process.

It’s an innovative approach to making travel more seamless and budget-friendly.

14. Travello

Travello is the modern traveler’s companion, offering an app with the world’s largest and most trusted travel community.

You can buy Travello gift cards with Afterpay, through their website.

15. Meriton Suites

Meriton Suites, synonymous with luxury and comfort, have upped their game by accepting Afterpay. This allows guests to indulge in opulent stays without feeling the financial pinch immediately.

It’s a harmonious blend of luxury living and financial flexibility, ensuring guests have a stay to remember.

Afterpay can only be used to make payments for direct bookings made on the Meriton Suites website or bookings made over the phone with their Reservations Team. Guests who have booked through a travel agency or third-party website will not be able to pay for their booking with Afterpay.


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