10 Best Things to Do in Ljubljana for Green Spaces and Slovenian Wine


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Ljubljana, the picturesque capital of Slovenia, is a city where the charm of green spaces and the allure of Slovenian wine come together in perfect harmony. Renowned for its environmental consciousness, Ljubljana offers lush parks and riverside walks that invite visitors to embrace the tranquility of nature. Meanwhile, the city’s burgeoning wine culture, influenced by Slovenia’s rich viticultural heritage, adds an element of refined pleasure to the experience. Whether you’re exploring the verdant Tivoli Park, sampling exquisite local wines, or meandering along the leafy banks of the Ljubljanica River, Ljubljana provides a serene and delightful escape into nature’s embrace and the joys of Slovenian wine. Let’s journey through the top 10 things to do in Ljubljana for those seeking to immerse themselves in its enchanting green spaces and explore the exquisite world of Slovenian wine.

Visit Tivoli Park

Tivoli Park, the largest and most beautiful park in Ljubljana, is a serene haven of greenery. The park’s expansive lawns, tree-lined paths, and ornamental flower beds make it a perfect spot for leisurely strolls, picnics, or simply relaxing in nature. Tivoli Park also houses several cultural landmarks, including Tivoli Castle and the International Centre of Graphic Arts.

A visit to Tivoli Park is an opportunity to experience the city’s commitment to green spaces. The park’s peaceful environment and its blend of natural beauty and art offer a refreshing break from the urban hustle.

Explore the Ljubljana Wine Trail

The Ljubljana Wine Trail introduces visitors to Slovenia’s rich wine culture. This trail takes you through various wine bars and shops in the city, offering tastings of regional Slovenian wines. It’s a delightful way to explore Ljubljana while indulging in the flavors of local vineyards.


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Embarking on the Ljubljana Wine Trail is not only a tasting journey but also an educational experience. You’ll learn about Slovenia’s wine-producing regions, grape varieties, and wine-making traditions, all while enjoying the city’s charming atmosphere.

Stroll Along the Ljubljanica River

The Ljubljanica River, with its picturesque bridges and riverside cafes, is the heart of Ljubljana. Strolling along the river, especially in the evening when the city lights reflect on the water, is a magical experience. The riverbanks are lined with bars, restaurants, and open-air markets, adding to the vibrant atmosphere.

A walk along the Ljubljanica River is a chance to see Ljubljana at its most lively. It’s a perfect place for an evening stroll, offering beautiful views and a taste of the city’s dynamic culture.

Visit the Ljubljana Botanical Garden

The Ljubljana Botanical Garden, established in 1810, is a peaceful oasis hosting a variety of plant species from Slovenia and around the world. The garden is not only a place for relaxation and enjoyment but also serves as an important center for botanical research and education.

Exploring the Botanical Garden is a way to appreciate the diversity of plant life. The garden’s tranquil paths, ponds, and thematic collections make it a delightful place for nature lovers and those seeking a quiet retreat.

Enjoy a Wine Tasting Experience

Wine tasting experiences in Ljubljana offer an insight into Slovenia’s wine heritage. Various venues across the city, including wine bars and cellars, host tastings where you can sample a selection of Slovenian wines, accompanied by expert guidance on tasting techniques and wine characteristics.


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Participating in a wine tasting is an opportunity to deepen your knowledge and appreciation of Slovenian wines. It’s an enjoyable and educational activity for both wine connoisseurs and novices alike.

Explore the Path of Remembrance and Comradeship

The Path of Remembrance and Comradeship, encircling Ljubljana, is a green belt and a historical trail marking the city’s defense perimeter during World War II. The path is popular for walking, cycling, and jogging, offering a green escape and a glimpse into the city’s history.

Walking or cycling along this path is not just a physical activity; it’s a journey through Ljubljana’s past. The path’s historical significance and natural beauty make it a unique and meaningful experience.

Visit the Slovenian Museum of Natural History

The Slovenian Museum of Natural History, located in the center of Ljubljana, offers fascinating exhibits on Slovenia’s natural heritage. The museum’s collections include geological, botanical, and zoological specimens, providing an overview of the country’s diverse natural environment.

A visit to the Slovenian Museum of Natural History is both educational and entertaining. It’s an ideal place for families and anyone interested in learning about Slovenia’s flora, fauna, and geological history.

Relax at the Špica Riverside Area

The Špica riverside area, once a bustling port, has been transformed into a peaceful leisure spot. With its renovated promenade, cafes, and green spaces, Špica is a popular place for locals and visitors to relax by the water. The area also offers a small beach and a view of the Ljubljanica River’s confluence.

Spending time at Špica is a way to enjoy Ljubljana’s natural beauty in a tranquil setting. It’s a perfect spot for a leisurely afternoon, enjoying a coffee or a stroll along the river.

Discover the Central Market

Ljubljana’s Central Market is a vibrant hub of activity, offering fresh produce, local crafts, and gourmet products. The market, designed by the famous architect Jože Plečnik, is a key part of the city’s cultural and social life. It’s a great place to taste local Slovenian foods and interact with vendors.

Exploring the Central Market is an authentic experience of Ljubljana’s daily life. The market’s lively atmosphere and array of products provide a glimpse into Slovenian culinary traditions and the local way of life.

Take a Guided City Tour

A guided city tour is an excellent way to discover Ljubljana’s highlights, including its green spaces and historical landmarks. These tours often cover key attractions like the Ljubljana Castle, Prešeren Square, and the Dragon Bridge, while providing insights into the city’s history and culture.

Participating in a guided tour offers a comprehensive overview of Ljubljana. It’s a convenient and informative way to learn about the city’s past and present, making the most of your visit.


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