Top Staycation Ideas For The Winter Season

Top Staycation Ideas For The Winter Season

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With the winter season soon upon us, the thought of being comfy and cosy must seem really appealing now. Grabbing a cup of hot chocolate and getting under a blanket is a cosy thought. However, there’s a lot more that you can do than just staying under the covers.

We’ve made this guide here today to help give you some ideas of what you can do in this upcoming winter. We’ve got all sorts of things prepared for you. Let’s have a look at those, shall we?

Dive Into a Winter Movie Marathon

Nothing beats watching winter movies in the comfort of your home. There are several timeless classics that you can choose from. You can find romance and family movies to watch with everyone else in your house. To create the perfect ambience, try dimming the nights, and grab some popcorn and hot chocolate. We guarantee you’ll get exciting winter vibes.

Try Making Culinary Delights

If you haven’t had the time to cook meals recently, it might be time to wind down and experiment with some winter recipes. The cold weather is all about hearty and comforting foods. So try making soups, or themed desserts. If you want to share the feeling with everyone, try hosting a potluck where everyone brings one of their favourite dishes.


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Get Into Gaming

Another great way to enjoy winter indoors is to start gaming. There are different kinds that you can try out. You can either do it on a console in front of your TV, sitting on your desktop computer or playing via your phone.

No matter which one you go with, there are tons of options to choose from. Some of the most popular games that you should try out right now are:

  1. Fortnite
  2. Call of Duty
  3. Valorant
  4. CS2
  5. Dota 2

You can find more seasonal-themed games from this list of popular games in Australia. There are online pokies in this list as well. So, if you’re into that, you should see some suggestions for that as well.

Transport to Your Childhood With an Indoor Camping Adventure

Who doesn’t want to become a child every once in a while? It might be impossible to do it for real, but with the cold winter coming, you can create your own camp indoors like you used to do as a child. Create a blanket fort with sheets and cushions and create a cosy space for relaxing.

You can even have events like charades or tell stories while sitting around each other. One of the unique things that you can do is stargaze while lying on the floor with a portable projector. And don’t forget about the snacks that make it all come together.

Watch Winter Travel Blogs

Even if you can’t go someplace far to enjoy the cold and the snow, you shouldn’t have to stop yourself from enjoying the beauty of these places. You can find a lot of travel blogs on YouTube about your favourite places. Call some friends over and start having a virtual tripl night from the comfort of your couch. Add some food to that equation and you’ll be good to go.

Book Club for Winter Reads

Winter might be the perfect time to take a book and disappear into the world of stories. Pick heartwarming novels to warm you up from the inside. Sit beside the warm fireplace, grab a cup of coffee or hot chocolate, and dive right in.

You can take this a step further by hosting book-reading clubs. Call your friends and start reading the same books so that you can talk about the characters and potential plot twists. And like with all things, don’t forget the snacks and tea.

Winter Photography Challenge

What better way to capture the beauty of winter than to hold winter photography challenge? Get everyone busy trying to capture the best shots that highlight the beauty of the season. You can even share these on social media and get feedback from friends and followers. Engaging in a photography challenge adds a fun and artistic element to your winter activities.

Wrapping Up

You should now have a good idea about how winter isn’t a boring season to spend indoors. With the staycation activities that we’ve talked about here, you should have a fun fall vacation.

Be it cooking, watching movies, or gaming, if you do it with friends and family, it will be amazing nevertheless. Embrace the warmth of winter, the comfort of home, and the joy of shared experiences during your staycation. Wishing you a delightful and cosy winter season!


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