10 Unique Places You Need to Visit in London

Can You See The Eiffel Tower From London

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London, a city with an endlessly rich tapestry of history, culture, and innovation, offers more than just the Changing of the Guard and Big Ben. This city invites visitors to explore its lesser-known treasures, from secluded gardens to historic homes and underground art. Our guide to ten unique places in London will reveal the city’s hidden gems that many tourists miss, providing an unforgettable experience that goes beyond the typical tourist itinerary.

Leighton House Museum

Leighton House Museum, once the private residence of the Victorian artist Frederic Leighton, is a masterpiece of aesthetic design. The house is renowned for its opulent Arab Hall, complete with a golden dome, intricate mosaics, and Islamic tiles. This museum not only showcases Leighton’s own works but also serves as a stunning example of 19th-century art and architecture.

Eel Pie Island

Eel Pie Island, located on the Thames in Twickenham, is an intriguing private island known for its bohemian artist community. Historically, it played a significant role in the London jazz and blues scenes. The island is only open to the public a few times a year during open studio events, offering a rare glimpse into its quirky, creative environment.

The Seven Noses of Soho

The Seven Noses of Soho are an unusual art installation by artist Rick Buckley. In the late 1990s, Buckley attached plaster noses to buildings throughout Soho as a commentary on the increasing presence of CCTV cameras in London. Hunting down these noses offers a quirky, alternative way to explore this vibrant area.


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God’s Own Junkyard

God’s Own Junkyard in Walthamstow is a dazzling display of neon art created by the late artist Chris Bracey. The warehouse is filled with Bracey’s colorful works, which range from movie props to original artworks. This glowing collection offers a surreal exploration of pop art and neon fantasies.

Wilton’s Music Hall

Wilton’s Music Hall is one of the last remaining music halls in the world, hidden away in a quiet corner of East London. This historic venue, with its original cast-iron pillars and balconies, provides a captivating backdrop for a range of performances, preserving a cherished piece of Victorian entertainment history.

The Hidden Ears of Covent Garden

The Hidden Ears of Covent Garden are another quirky installation by artist Tim Fishlock, who placed numerous ears sculpted from plaster around this bustling district. Like the noses of Soho, searching for these ears provides a fun and unusual way to engage with one of London’s most famous areas.

Postman’s Park

Postman’s Park gained its name from its popularity among workers from the nearby General Post Office and is home to the Watts Memorial to Heroic Self Sacrifice. This touching memorial commemorates ordinary people who died while saving others and is a poignant reminder of human bravery and altruism.

Little Venice

Little Venice, with its beautiful canals and waterways, offers a picturesque retreat in the heart of London. Located just north of Paddington, this tranquil neighborhood features charming houseboats, quaint waterside cafes, and puppet shows at the Puppet Theatre Barge, making it a delightful spot for a leisurely stroll or boat ride.

The Hunterian Museum

The Hunterian Museum, located inside the Royal College of Surgeons, showcases medical specimens, surgical instruments, and artworks detailing medical history. Though currently closed for refurbishment until 2023, it remains one of the most fascinating museums in London for those interested in medical science and history.

The Thames Path

The Thames Path is a scenic walking route that follows the River Thames from its source in the Cotswolds to the sea. The path passes through the heart of London, offering walkers and cyclists spectacular views of the city’s landmarks and a peaceful way to experience the natural beauty along the riverbanks.


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