Is Maui Walkable? Find Out Here

Is Maui Walkable? Find Out Here

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Maui has become one of the most desired tourist destinations and some of the best tropical islands in Hawaii. The locals and tourists often swear that Maui is one of the best and a must-see if you plan a Hawaiian vacation. However, just because Maui is one of the smaller islands, does it mean it’s walkable?

While there are definitely areas you can travel to by just walking, Maui is still a big enough island to get you tired, and some tourist attractions might need to take a shuttle to the area. Several modes of transportation, such as public and private rides, are available in Maui. In addition, you might even get to enjoy the island more if you reach your destination quicker.

However, a lot of the areas are walkable from each other. It all depends on how you plan your trip. You still won’t be able to see all of Maui if you plan to spend your time walking unless you plan to spend your time tracking and exploring Maui by foot for an unlimited number of days.

Is Maui Walkable?

Is Maui Walkable? Find Out Here

Maui’s walkability highly depends on a person’s itinerary. While Maui might be one of Hawaii’s smaller islands, it’s still big, and walking the entire island seems impossible unless your vacation time is long. In addition, Maui has a lot of great places to enjoy at full energy, so why not take a ride and enjoy the beauty of Maui?


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If you’re planning to stick to the coastline, then walking from one location to another is possible. However, you might not enjoy all the beauty Maui has to offer. The island is well known for its majestic scenery, and several adventurers hike around the area. 

Still, Maui offers a lot of hard-to-reach areas that might require you to avail of a service. So instead of spending time walking, why not enjoy a leisure ride to some of the best tourist spots or hike on dedicated trails?

How Big is Maui?

Don’t let this seemingly small island fool you. Maui is still impressively large. Maui is around 48 miles long and about 26 miles wide. That’s a pretty long walk on its own, but Maui isn’t a flat island. This tropical island comes complete with two volcanos and some mountains in the west.

The mountains of Maui reach heights of almost 6,000 feet, while Haleakala is about 10,000 feet so that walking might be a bit impossible for normal folks. Even if you decide to stick by the coastline, walking Mau is still a bit of an ambitious dream.

Why Should I Consider Other Modes of Transportation?

Is Maui Walkable? Find Out Here

Most People do not get to enjoy extended leaves and may not be able to enjoy what Maui has to offer if they decide to walk most of Maui. Many popular Maui spots are in hard-to-reach areas and may not even be accessible on foot.

You can still enjoy a good hike almost anywhere in Maui, but it’s good to relax a bit and enjoy before the big adventure. The top of Haleakala is a possible hiking trip, but some of you might opt to go for a more relaxed guided tour to the summit.

Maui has a lot of great places to explore, but it also has a lot of wildernesses to deal with if you plan to hike most of it. So be safe and pack whatever necessities you may need. The great thing about following a tour is that you get to see most, if not all, of the tourist spots on your way to the top.

Where Should I Go in Maui?

Is Maui Walkable? Find Out Here

Tourists should definitely take a tour to Haleakala National Park, it’s one of Maui’s top tourist destinations, and there are a lot of things to see and do on your trip to the summit. Some tours will allow you to experience some tourist attractions, such as the Zipline adventure.

It isn’t Maui without a sea adventure. One of the best things to do is to take a dive into Turtle Town and witness the beauty of the sea life around you. There are several tours that offer you to visit Turtle Town and even take a dip into the ocean to swim alongside the turtles and other sea life.

You can also enjoy a trip to Hana. One way to fully enjoy this is by getting a guided tour. A guided tour will allow you to enjoy the Road to Hana to the fullest. The tour guides are usually experts regarding the history of Maui. Through the tour, you’ll learn how the island came to be and all the best spots to take photos.

Maui is also known for its chocolate in Maui Ku’ia Estate Chocolate. You can visit the estate yourself and buy some of the chocolates, or you can get a tour of the place. The tour gives you access to both the cacao farm and the chocolate bar. You also get to taste some of their award-winning chocolates on the tour.

Also, if you are hoping to get some hiking done on your trip, then maybe a nice hike to Maui’s Twin Falls. You can also visit the falls using different modes of transportation, but you might be missing out on the fun and adventure if you do so. Along the way, there are a bunch of other falls and even some areas to relax and eat; everything makes the walk an enjoyable and breathtaking experience.

Maui has a lot more spots to visit, and these are only a few recommendations. Maui is rich in beaches, hiking spots, and even history. You’ll not only be enjoying your stay on the island, but you’ll also learn to appreciate the rich history and culture Maui has to offer. One trip to Maui probably isn’t enough after your first visit.

What are the Transportation Options in Maui?

Is Maui Walkable? Find Out Here

The use of vehicles on your trip would surely benefit you. A lot of tourists tend to enjoy drives and travel at their own pace. If you’re that type of tourist, it might be beneficial to get a rental car. However, it might come off as a bit pricey. Luckily there are a lot of other options.

In fact, if you already know which hotel you’re staying at, several Airport Shuttles offer a trip from the airport to your hotel or at least near it. Usually, it passes through many other lodging sites, so you can sit back and enjoy the trip while you wait for your stop. You can check with your hotel if the shuttle passes right in front or near them.

Buses are also a popular mode of travel. You can download the Maui Bus mobile app to get bus schedules and even track buses in real-time. This is useful for people who decide to travel Maui on their own accord instead of pre-booking tours. This might also be the most affordable way to get around Maui.

Believe it or not, Uber and Lyft are possible rideshare services available on the island. However, it can’t get you everywhere. But you can count on Rideshare services to get you to some of the best restaurants in the town. So if you are tired and don’t want to walk to your next destination, this is a good option for tourists.

Just make sure where you are and where you are headed isn’t considered a hard-to-reach area because you might not be able to get a driver. The next thing to consider is that these services are expensive in areas that are too far away. So, make sure to consider these all factors before availing it.

You can also book or join tours while you are in Maui. They usually have their own bus on service with a guide. Taking these tours will allow you to learn more about Maui. Many people take a tour on the first day and then return to the spots they want to visit longer on their own on another day.


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