Hotels That Start with A: Iconic Accommodations

Hotels That Start with A

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From the snow-capped peaks of the Alps to the sun-kissed beaches of Australia, our globe is dotted with an array of exquisite hotels. But have you ever wondered about the intriguing stories behind their names? How about those that start with the letter ‘A’?

Join us on this alphabetical escapade as we uncover a world of luxury, hospitality, and charm. Welcome to our journey through 20 amazing hotels that start with ‘A’.

1. The Aria Hotel, Las Vegas

The Aria Hotel, tucked away in the heart of the dazzling city of Las Vegas, is a destination brimming with luxurious excitement. Renowned for its innovative architecture and cutting-edge amenities, the Aria Hotel redefines the landscape of Las Vegas’ high-end hospitality. Each of its luxurious rooms offers an unparalleled view of the city’s vibrant skyline, and the service leaves no stone unturned in meeting the guests’ needs.

Whether you’re an adrenaline-junkie seeking the thrill of the casino or a food connoisseur with a penchant for fine dining, the Aria Hotel is a mecca of entertainment. Its prestigious restaurants, helmed by world-class chefs, offer an international culinary journey. And, with its commitment to sustainable practices, the Aria Hotel not only satiates your appetite for luxury but does so responsibly, making it a must-visit for the conscious traveler.


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2. Ashford Castle, Ireland

Steeped in history and draped in the majesty of Ireland’s natural beauty, Ashford Castle promises an experience unlike any other. Dating back to 1228, this castle-turned-hotel has witnessed centuries of change and stands as a living testament to Ireland’s rich heritage. Each of its opulent rooms is tastefully adorned with antique furnishings, offering guests an immersive historical experience.

Despite its medieval allure, Ashford Castle effortlessly fuses the old-world charm with modern luxuries. The hotel offers a variety of outdoor activities, including falconry, horse-riding, and fishing, for the adventurous at heart. As evening falls, you can unwind at the castle’s acclaimed restaurants and bars that serve a fusion of traditional Irish and international cuisine. Ashford Castle, with its rich history and exquisite hospitality, promises a stay that lingers in your memories long after you leave.

3. Amangiri, Utah, USA

Amangiri, Utah, USA

Tucked away in the rugged terrains of Utah, Amangiri is a luxury resort that offers a tranquil escape from the clamor of city life. This architectural marvel blends seamlessly with the surrounding landscapes, and the minimalist design accentuates the raw beauty of the desert. Each suite at the Amangiri features floor-to-ceiling windows that offer panoramic views of the stunning terrains, promising a unique blend of comfort and adventure.

The experiences at Amangiri are as varied as they are unforgettable. Here, you can explore the hidden secrets of the desert during the day and rejuvenate your senses at the luxury spa in the evening. The resort also houses a world-class restaurant that caters to every palate with its array of local and international cuisines. A stay at Amangiri is not merely a vacation, it’s a journey into the heart of nature, laden with luxury.

4. Armani Hotel, Dubai

Situated in the iconic Burj Khalifa, the Armani Hotel in Dubai stands at the crossroads of luxury and elegance. This hotel, the brainchild of fashion mogul Giorgio Armani, is a symbol of refined sophistication. Each room in the hotel is a masterpiece of design, reflecting Armani’s signature minimalist style, with bespoke furniture and luxurious amenities that embody the spirit of the Armani brand.

Staying at the Armani Hotel isn’t just about high-end hospitality, it’s an immersive journey into the world of Armani. From its award-winning restaurants that serve gastronomic delights curated by Armani, to the in-house Armani/SPA offering personalized treatments, every aspect of the hotel experience screams luxury. With the breathtaking views of Dubai from its rooms and the high-end shopping experience at Armani Retail, the Armani Hotel makes every moment spent inside its walls a celebration of luxury.

5. Atlantis The Palm, Dubai

Dominating the skyline of Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis The Palm is a mesmerizing wonder of modern architecture and luxury hospitality. This ocean-themed resort is renowned for its sprawling aquatic life exhibits and thrilling water parks, providing guests with a unique blend of relaxation and excitement right at their doorstep.


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Beyond its aquatic allure, Atlantis The Palm offers a variety of luxurious rooms and suites, each offering stunning views of the Arabian Gulf. Food lovers can indulge in an epicurean journey at its numerous restaurants helmed by celebrity chefs, serving everything from Mediterranean to Asian cuisine. Whether you are seeking a fun-filled family vacation or a romantic getaway, Atlantis The Palm encapsulates a world of experiences that cater to every discerning traveler.

6. Auberge du Soleil, Napa Valley, California

Nestled amidst the verdant vineyards of Napa Valley, Auberge du Soleil offers an authentic Californian wine country experience. This luxury resort, inspired by the relaxed charm of the South of France, features a Michelin-starred restaurant, a world-class spa, and exquisitely designed suites that offer breathtaking views of the valley.

The heart and soul of Auberge du Soleil lies in its commitment to celebrate the region’s wine and culinary prowess. Guests can enjoy a curated wine-tasting tour, or indulge in a private dining experience, featuring farm-to-table cuisine paired with exceptional wines. As the sun dips behind the rolling hills, one can unwind at the spa, making Auberge du Soleil an epitome of luxury and relaxation in the midst of nature’s splendor.

7. Amansara, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Amansara, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Once a royal guesthouse, Amansara in Siem Reap is now a tranquil resort that echoes Cambodia’s rich heritage. This luxury hotel, situated close to the archaeological marvels of Angkor Wat, is the perfect base for exploring Cambodia’s cultural treasures. Its suites, designed in a 60s New Khmer architecture style, exude a serene atmosphere, offering a tranquil escape from the bustling city life.

At Amansara, every experience is crafted to immerse guests in the local culture and history. From guided tours of the majestic temples of Angkor to traditional Aspara dance performances at dinner, the resort offers a unique cultural immersion. A stay at Amansara is not just about luxury, it’s a journey back in time that pays homage to the rich history and heritage of Cambodia.

8. Ayana Resort and Spa, Bali, Indonesia

Perched atop a cliff overlooking the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, Ayana Resort and Spa in Bali is a sanctuary of luxury and tranquility. Known for its legendary Rock Bar and world-class spa, the resort offers a tropical getaway with a perfect blend of Balinese tradition and modern luxury.

Every suite at the Ayana Resort is tastefully adorned with traditional Balinese artworks, and the private balconies offer mesmerizing views of the ocean or gardens. The resort’s diverse culinary offerings promise a gastronomical journey, with its restaurants serving a mix of traditional Indonesian and global cuisines. For those seeking a holistic wellness experience, the resort’s spa offers traditional Balinese therapies that rejuvenate the body and the spirit, making a stay at Ayana Resort and Spa a feast for all senses.

9. Adler Thermae Spa Resort, Tuscany, Italy

Nestled amidst the rolling hills of Tuscany, Adler Thermae Spa Resort is a luxury wellness retreat that harnesses the healing power of nature. Known for its thermal waters, this resort combines the tranquility of the Tuscan countryside with the benefits of its therapeutic waters, offering a unique wellness experience.

The Adler Thermae Spa Resort offers a variety of wellness programs, including detox, anti-stress, and fitness regimes, tailored to individual needs. In addition, guests can also embark on a culinary journey through Tuscany at its gourmet restaurant, which serves organic cuisine made from locally sourced ingredients. With its combination of wellness and gastronomic experiences, Adler Thermae Spa Resort promises a stay that revitalizes both the body and the soul.

10. Alila Villas, Uluwatu, Bali

Situated on a clifftop plateau along the southern coastline of Bali, Alila Villas Uluwatu is an eco-luxury resort that seamlessly blends contemporary design with traditional Balinese architecture. Every villa offers unobstructed views of the Indian Ocean, and the resort’s commitment to sustainable practices makes it a perfect choice for the eco-conscious traveler.


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Alila Villas Uluwatu offers a range of activities that celebrate the natural and cultural beauty of the island. From exploring the local beaches and villages to relaxing at the cliff-edge spa, the experiences are designed to help guests connect with the rich tapestry of Balinese life. With its stunning location and commitment to sustainability, Alila Villas Uluwatu offers a luxury retreat with a conscience.

11. The Ahwahnee Hotel, Yosemite National Park, USA

Situated amidst the natural grandeur of Yosemite National Park, The Ahwahnee Hotel stands as a testament to a perfect blend of rustic elegance and modern comfort. Its stunning architecture, inspired by Art Deco, Native American, and Arts & Crafts Movement, complements the majestic beauty of its surroundings.

The Ahwahnee Hotel offers its guests an immersive experience of Yosemite’s splendor. Hiking, rock climbing, and bird watching are just a few activities that you can enjoy here. Within its historic walls, you’ll find comfortable accommodations, exquisite dining, and a welcoming atmosphere that’ll make you feel one with nature. A stay at The Ahwahnee isn’t just about the breathtaking views; it’s about embracing the spirit of the wilderness.

12. Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort, Thailand

Nestled in the lush jungles of Northern Thailand, Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort offers a unique chance to interact with elephants in a stunning natural setting. With a strong commitment to elephant conservation and welfare, this resort offers an experience that’s as enlightening as it is luxurious.

The resort’s hilltop location provides panoramic views of Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos, and the mighty Mekong River. Guests can explore these scenic vistas atop an elephant or relax in their tastefully designed rooms that blend traditional Thai artistry with modern comfort. Whether it’s the enchanting encounters with elephants or the mouth-watering local cuisine, Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort provides a truly unforgettable experience.

13. The Alpina Gstaad, Switzerland

High in the Swiss Alps, The Alpina Gstaad is a luxury hotel that offers an authentic Swiss experience. Combining traditional Swiss architecture with contemporary design elements, this hotel is a celebration of Swiss craftsmanship. The rooms offer panoramic views of the surrounding alpine landscape, adding a touch of nature to the luxury.

At The Alpina Gstaad, guests can enjoy a range of experiences that celebrate the local culture and landscape. From skiing on the snow-clad slopes to enjoying Swiss cuisine at the Michelin-starred restaurant, every moment is a celebration of Swiss alpine life. And after a day of adventure, guests can unwind at the world-class Six Senses Spa. The Alpina Gstaad is more than just a luxury hotel; it’s a doorway to the enchanting world of the Swiss Alps.

14. Azulik, Tulum, Mexico

Azulik, located in the tropical paradise of Tulum, Mexico, is an eco-resort that merges breathtaking architecture with the lush beauty of the jungle. Made almost entirely of local woods and boasting a design that respects and integrates with the natural landscape, Azulik is a sanctuary of tranquility and connection with nature.

Azulik offers unique experiences that range from yoga classes at the edge of the jungle to dining in a nest-like restaurant overlooking the Caribbean Sea. The rooms, devoid of electricity and Wi-Fi, allow guests to disconnect from the digital world and reconnect with nature. Azulik is more than a resort; it’s a sanctuary where you can reconnect with your essence amidst the beauty of nature.

15. Alila Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia

Located on a pristine beach in Bali, Alila Seminyak is a stunning resort that marries contemporary design with tropical elegance. Known for its sustainable practices, this eco-resort is an oasis of serenity, offering the perfect getaway for the modern traveler.

At Alila Seminyak, guests can enjoy a range of experiences from exploring the vibrant Seminyak scene to relaxing at the Spa Alila. The beachfront location offers stunning sunset views, while the terraced layout and open design of the resort allows a seamless integration with the surrounding landscapes. Alila Seminyak is not just a resort; it’s an immersive experience of Balinese hospitality and charm.

16. Aman Tokyo, Japan

Aman Tokyo, Japan

In the bustling heart of Tokyo lies Aman Tokyo, a luxury hotel that combines traditional Japanese aesthetics with modern elegance. The design of the hotel pays homage to Japanese tradition, with spacious rooms featuring washi paper doors and Ofuro bathtubs made from traditional hinoki wood.

Aman Tokyo offers its guests a unique blend of tranquility and urban energy. The hotel’s spa, inspired by the Japanese tradition of bathing, offers a peaceful retreat in the heart of the city. The restaurant serves a combination of Japanese and Mediterranean cuisines, with ingredients sourced from across the country. A stay at Aman Tokyo is a journey into the soul of Japan, where tradition and modernity coexist in harmony.

17. Amangani, Wyoming, USA

Amangani, Wyoming, USA

Perched atop a butte in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Amangani offers panoramic views of the snow-capped peaks and the vast meadows that define this rugged landscape. The design of the resort, inspired by the culture of the American West, features spacious suites with floor-to-ceiling windows that invite the stunning outdoors in.

Amangani offers a variety of experiences that celebrate the natural beauty and the rich culture of the region. From wildlife safaris to skiing on the snow-clad slopes, guests can immerse themselves in the grandeur of the American West. The resort also features a wellness spa that draws on local healing traditions, promising a holistic experience. A stay at Amangani is a celebration of the spirit of the West, where luxury meets wild beauty.

18. Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort, Hawaii

Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort, Hawaii

Located along Maui’s premier southwestern coastline, the Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort is a tropical paradise that embodies the spirit of Hawaii. With its stunning beachfront location, lush gardens, and modern rooms designed with Hawaiian aesthetics, this resort offers a vibrant, yet relaxing getaway.

The Andaz Maui provides a variety of island-inspired experiences. Guests can enjoy water activities such as paddleboarding and snorkeling or explore the local culture through hula and ukulele lessons. The resort’s four cascading infinity pools and full-service spa provide the perfect relaxation options. With its Hawaiian hospitality and breathtaking location, Andaz Maui is the epitome of tropical luxury.

19. The Ace Hotel, New York

Located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, The Ace Hotel offers a stylish retreat in the city that never sleeps. Known for its unique blend of historical and modern design elements, this hotel has become a cultural hub for travelers and locals alike.


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The Ace Hotel offers a vibrant New York experience, with its lobby serving as a dynamic gathering space that hosts events and pop-ups. The hotel’s rooms reflect a sense of urban sophistication, with original artworks and a curated selection of furniture. Whether it’s the renowned coffee shop, the critically acclaimed restaurant, or the hip nightclub, The Ace Hotel is a microcosm of New York’s dynamic energy and creativity.

20. The Adlon Kempinski, Berlin

Standing majestically near the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, The Adlon Kempinski is a hotel that’s synonymous with unparalleled luxury and rich history. Dating back to 1907, this hotel has hosted eminent personalities, witnessed historical events, and continues to embody the charm of Berlin.

The Adlon Kempinski offers an immersive experience of Berlin’s rich culture and history. Its rooms, adorned with antique furniture and luxurious amenities, offer breathtaking views of the city’s historic landmarks. The hotel’s culinary offerings range from local Berlin cuisine to Pan-Asian and French fare. And for relaxation


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