Getting the Most from an Interstate Rest Stop

Getting the Most from an Interstate Rest Stop

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Traveling on the many interstates that stretch across the U.S. can be an enjoyable experience, especially if you’re going on vacation. All the spectacular sites, landmarks and historical places you’ll see!

After driving for awhile, you’ll eventually get weary and need to stop. Fortunately, rest areas are available about every half hour of driving for your convenience.

What are Rest Areas?

Interstate rest areas are large parking lots with amenities and adequate space to walk around and stretch. Usually, rest areas have a small area with grass, picnic tables, and a scenic view where you can sit and relax. 

Interstate rest areas are state-owned and operated. Rest areas were established after they were legislated under the Federal Aid Highway Act of 1956


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Getting the Most From Interstate Rest Areas

To get the most from your visit at a rest area, consider trying these suggestions;

  • Some rest stop are marked as historical sites. Search for these specific rest areas and enjoy a piece of national history.
  • Take photos for memory sake. Sometimes you’ll find interesting pieces or sculptures. Each rest area is different, so embrace it’s uniqueness!
  • Enjoy the amenities. Play on the playground, look through the visitor information center and see what you can find. You never know, you could end up at a tourist attraction you really like.
  • Really take in your surroundings and enjoy the time to rest available to you. You’d be surprised at how many random things you can find at a rest stop. For instance, naturistic finds, random wildlife, a beautiful sunset (or rise).
  • Explore the surrounding area. Take the nearest exit. You’ll never know what hidden treasures you’ll find!

Benefits of a Rest Area

Besides offering a safe place to take a breather, the benefits of interstate rest areas are; 

Amenities – Rest areas accommodate weary travelers with an assortment of amenities. Some of these amenities are; playgrounds, resting lounges, clean bathrooms, recycling areas, RV dump stations, ample parking, visitor information, and more.

Accessibility –  Rest areas are located right off the highway. All you have to do is turn on the adjoining road and you’re there. Interstate rest areas are much easier to access than exiting the highway, turning on back roads, and finding a gas station or truck stop.

Safety – Because of the location of most interstate rest areas, the resting place is safe for solo travelers and traveling families.

Spaciousness – Many vacationers choose to rest at an interstate rest stop because of the commodious parking lot and extended parking spaces for RVs, trucks, boats, and larger vehicles.


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