30 Funny Travel Quotes to Lighten Your Journey

Funny Travel Quotes

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Travel isn’t just about the breathtaking sunsets or the awe-inspiring landscapes; it’s also about those hilarious, sometimes absurd moments that catch us off guard. Let’s face it, sometimes things go hilariously wrong, or we find ourselves in situations that are so out of our comfort zone, they’re comical. This collection of 30 funny travel quotes is here to remind you of the lighter side of travel. Whether it’s dealing with language barriers, getting hopelessly lost, or those ‘I need a vacation from this vacation’ moments, these quotes capture the humor that can be found in every journey. So, pack your sense of humor and let these quotes add a chuckle to your travel memories.

‘Jet lag is for amateurs.’ – Dick Clark

‘Kilometers are shorter than miles. Save gas, take your next trip in kilometers.’ – George Carlin

‘I’ve been to almost as many places as my luggage.’ – Bob Hope


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‘There is nothing safer than flying, it’s crashing that is dangerous.’ – Theo Cowan

‘I told the doctor I broke my leg in two places. He told me to quit going to those places.’ – Henny Youngman

‘A tourist is a fellow who drives thousands of miles so he can be photographed standing in front of his car.’ – Emile Ganest

‘I’m a travel enthusiast: I love the journey, the confusion, the chaos, the sights, the smells, the sounds, and the feeling of having no idea where I am.’ – Unknown


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‘The worst thing about being a tourist is having other tourists recognize you as a tourist.’ – Russell Baker

‘You know it’s a bad day when your morning jog is along the runway of the airport.’ – Unknown

‘Traveling is like flirting with life. It’s like saying, ‘I would stay and love you, but I have to go; this is my station.’ – Lisa St. Aubin de Teran

‘I feel like most of my problems could be solved with a trip to… anywhere but here.’ – Unknown

‘Airplane travel is nature’s way of making you look like your passport photo.’ – Al Gore

‘I need a vacation so long, I forget all my passwords.’ – Unknown

‘I’m not lost, I’m exploring.’ – Jana Stanfield

‘People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day.’ – A.A. Milne

‘Why do they call it rush hour when nothing moves?’ – Robin Williams

‘In America, there are two classes of travel: first-class and with children.’ – Robert Benchley

‘Travel is glamorous only in retrospect.’ – Paul Theroux

‘I’m a big fan of long walks at the beach, mainly because they’re free.’ – Unknown

‘I love airports because the rules of society don’t apply. Eat a pizza and have a glass of wine at 7 am while in sweatpants. Nobody cares.’ – Unknown

‘If you look like your passport photo, you probably need the trip.’ – Unknown

‘There should be sympathy cards for having to go back to work after vacation.’ – Unknown

‘A bank is a place where they lend you an umbrella in fair weather and ask for it back when it begins to rain.’ – Robert Frost

‘I follow my heart… and it usually leads me to the airport.’ – Unknown

‘I like to travel by foot, bike, and internet.’ – Jarod Kintz

‘Bizarre travel plans are dancing lessons from God.’ – Kurt Vonnegut

‘The awkward moment when you’re wearing Nikes, but you can’t do it.’ – Unknown

‘Traveling – it’s all about checking out new places, discovering new foods, and figuring out what’s funny in the bathroom.’ – Unknown

‘Half the fun of travel is the aesthetic of lostness.’ – Ray Bradbury

‘Travel becomes a strategy for accumulating photographs.’ – Susan Sontag


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