15 Creative Ways to Use Sea Shells in Your Decor and Jewelry Designs

sea shells

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Finding sea shells on the beach is always a fun part of any seaside trip. But what do you do with them once you’re home? Instead of letting them sit in a jar, there are lots of creative ways to incorporate these treasures into your home decor and even your jewelry box. From simple projects that add a touch of the ocean to your living space to crafting unique pieces of jewelry, sea shells can bring a bit of beach life into your everyday. Let’s dive into how you can use those sea shells you’ve collected to create something beautiful and meaningful.

Sea Shell Frame

A sea shell frame brings a piece of the beach into your home in a subtle, beautiful way. Start with a plain picture frame, and use a glue gun to attach various sizes of sea shells around the border. You can create patterns or go for a more random, natural look. It’s a fantastic way to frame pictures of beach vacations or any summer memories.

This project isn’t just easy; it’s also a great way to personalize your space. Choose shells that match your room’s color scheme or select ones that stand out for a pop of natural beauty. Either way, a sea shell frame adds a unique, coastal vibe to your decor that’s both elegant and personal.

Shell-Encrusted Candle Holders

Shell-encrusted candle holders are perfect for adding a warm, oceanic ambiance to any room. Simply take clear glass votives or candle holders and glue small sea shells around the outside. The glow of the candlelight through the shells creates a soft, welcoming atmosphere reminiscent of a beachside evening.


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These candle holders are versatile enough for both casual and formal settings. Place them on a dining table for a seaside-themed dinner party or on a mantelpiece for a cozy, beachy touch to your living area. They’re not only beautiful but also serve as a reminder of sunny days spent by the sea.

Beachy Shell Wreath

A beachy shell wreath is a welcoming addition to any door or wall, bringing a bit of seaside charm to your home. Start with a simple wreath base, such as grapevine or foam, and attach a variety of shells using a hot glue gun. You can add depth and interest by incorporating different textures and colors of shells, perhaps even sprinkling in some dried sea grass or starfish.

This wreath is not only a lovely nod to the ocean but also a versatile piece of decor. Depending on the shells and additional elements you choose, it can range from rustic to elegant, making it suitable for any home style. Hang it on your front door to greet guests with a bit of beach flair or as a focal point in a coastal-themed room.

Nautical-Themed Shell Mirror

Creating a nautical-themed shell mirror is a straightforward way to add a statement piece to your home. Select a plain mirror and use a glue gun to attach a mix of sea shells around the frame. You can aim for symmetry or an asymmetric design based on your personal style. Adding larger shells at intervals can give the mirror a focal point and add visual interest.

This DIY project not only enhances the aesthetics of any room but also brings a touch of the ocean indoors. It’s particularly effective in bathrooms or hallways, where a mirror is both a decorative and functional item. With each glance in this mirror, you’ll be reminded of the tranquility and beauty of the sea.

Sea Shell Wind Chimes

Sea shell wind chimes create a soothing, melodic sound that brings the essence of the seaside to your garden or balcony. To make one, collect shells with natural holes or drill small holes in them. String these shells onto thin, durable cord or fishing line at varying lengths and attach them to a sturdy base, like a piece of driftwood or a large shell.

Not only do these wind chimes provide a calming sound, but they also serve as a unique piece of outdoor decor. They catch the light beautifully and move with the breeze, bringing a dynamic element to your outdoor space. It’s a simple way to enjoy the beauty of sea shells in a new and interactive way.

Shell-Topped Jewelry Box

Transforming a plain jewelry box into a shell-topped treasure is a creative way to keep the ocean close. Start by selecting a wooden or metal box that fits your storage needs. Arrange your shells on the lid before gluing to ensure a pleasing design. Using shells of various sizes and colors adds depth and interest, turning a simple box into a beautiful display piece.

This project isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s also about creating a personal keepsake. Whether it’s storing jewelry, trinkets, or memories from beach vacations, the shell-topped box becomes a cherished item. It’s a lovely way to combine functionality with the natural beauty of sea shells, making it a perfect gift or a special place for your own treasures.

Ocean-Inspired Shell Coasters

Ocean-inspired shell coasters are not only practical but also a delightful addition to any coffee table. Begin with clear resin coasters or plain coaster bases. Arrange small shells, sea glass, and sand in a pattern or randomly for a more natural look. If using resin, pour it over the arranged pieces to set them in place, creating a durable and waterproof surface.

These coasters offer a glimpse of the sea every time you pick up your drink. They protect your surfaces while adding a touch of coastal charm to your living space. It’s a simple way to bring a piece of your beach adventures into everyday moments.

Decorative Shell Bowls

Creating decorative shell bowls is an innovative way to display sea shells in your home. Choose a medium-sized bowl as your base. Glue larger shells around the outside and fill the interior with a mix of smaller shells, sand, and even faux pearls for a luxurious look. You can also layer shells inside a clear glass bowl for a design that moves and shifts with each glance.

These bowls become stunning centerpieces or accent pieces for shelves and tables. They’re not just bowls; they’re conversation starters and reminders of the ocean’s vast beauty and mystery. It’s a simple yet sophisticated way to incorporate sea shells into your decor.

Sea Shell Wall Art

Sea shell wall art turns your shell collection into a stunning display. Start with a canvas or wooden board as your background. Paint it if you wish or leave it natural for a rustic look. Arrange your shells in a design or shape, such as a heart or anchor, then glue them down. Adding a frame elevates the piece, making it ready to hang.

This type of wall art brings a personalized touch of the beach to your home. It can be a focal point in a room or part of a gallery wall. Creating it is not just an artistic endeavor but a way to relive beach memories and showcase the beauty of shells in a new, eye-catching way.

Beach-Themed Christmas Ornaments

Beach-themed Christmas ornaments add a unique twist to holiday decor. Use clear glass or plastic ornaments as your base. Fill them with fine sand, tiny shells, and bits of sea glass. You can also glue shells on the outside of the ornament, creating patterns or covering it completely for a textured effect.

These ornaments bring a bit of summer warmth to your holiday celebrations. Hanging them on the tree or around the house adds a personal touch that reflects a love for the sea. It’s a festive way to incorporate your shell collection into seasonal decor, making your holiday setup stand out.

Shell-Embellished Flower Pots

Giving your flower pots a beachy makeover with shells can refresh the look of your indoor or outdoor garden. Start by selecting pots that could use a new lease on life. Glue shells around the rim or create patterns and designs on the sides. Mixing and matching shell sizes and colors can add texture and visual interest to your pots.

These embellished pots are more than just plant holders; they become part of your garden decor, bringing a little ocean whimsy to your green spaces. It’s a fun way to blend gardening with beachcombing treasures, making each pot a unique piece of art that celebrates the sea.

Sea Shell Mobile for a Room

A sea shell mobile is a charming way to add movement and a beach vibe to any room. Collect shells with natural holes, or carefully drill small ones at the top. String them onto fishing line or any thin, strong thread. You can attach these lines to a wooden ring or driftwood to create a hanging structure. Adjust the lengths to play with the design.

Hanging in a window or from the ceiling, the mobile catches the light and moves gently with the air, creating a calming, seaside atmosphere. It’s a beautiful and creative way to display shells, turning them into a piece of art that brings a touch of nature and tranquility into your home.

Handmade Shell Jewelry

Creating handmade shell jewelry allows you to wear your beach memories in a stylish way. Select smaller shells for earrings or pendants, and larger ones for statement necklace pieces. You can use a small drill to make holes for threading or attaching them to jewelry findings. Pairing shells with beads or semi-precious stones can add color and contrast.

This jewelry not only adds a personal touch to your wardrobe but also makes for thoughtful, unique gifts. Wearing your handmade shell jewelry is a conversation starter and a way to keep the spirit of the beach close, even when you’re far from the waves.

Shell Bookmarks

For the book lovers who dream of the sea, shell bookmarks are a perfect craft. Start with sturdy cardstock or thin pieces of wood as the base. Glue a small shell or a piece of sea glass at the top, adding a touch of ocean treasure to your reading experience. You can also tie a shell to a ribbon or a piece of leather and use it as a bookmark.

These bookmarks are not just functional; they’re also a lovely way to bring a piece of the beach into your everyday activities. They make reading even more enjoyable and are great gifts for friends who share your love for the ocean.

Sea Shell-Decorated Lamp Base

Decorating a lamp base with sea shells can transform an ordinary lamp into a stunning piece of decor. Choose a lamp with a simple base to allow the shells to be the focal point. Glue shells around the base, layering and positioning them to create texture and interest. You can cover the entire base or create patterns and designs with the shells.

This sea shell-decorated lamp casts a warm, inviting light, reminiscent of sunsets at the beach. It’s a unique way to illuminate your space while displaying your shell collection in an unexpected and beautiful way.


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