10 Best Things to Do in Shanghai for Art Deco Sights and Traditional Tea Houses


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Shanghai, a city where the past meets the future, offers an intriguing blend of Art Deco architecture and traditional Chinese tea houses. As you wander through its bustling streets, you’ll be captivated by the elegant, historical buildings that tell the story of a bygone era, and the serene tea houses where time slows down and tradition reigns. Whether you’re marveling at the city’s architectural wonders or savoring a moment of peace over a cup of tea, Shanghai promises a rich cultural experience that balances modernity with age-old customs.

Visit the Shanghai Exhibition Center

The Shanghai Exhibition Center is a stunning example of Soviet neoclassical architecture mixed with traditional Chinese elements. Originally built in the 1950s, this landmark serves as a venue for major cultural and economic events. Visitors are often captivated by its grand facade and beautifully landscaped grounds, which make it a popular spot for photography and historical exploration.

Explore the Bund

Exploring the Bund offers a visual journey through Shanghai’s colonial past with its magnificent row of early 20th-century buildings. Facing the modern skyscrapers of Pudong across the Huangpu River, the Bund is a symbolic space where you can feel the pulse of both old and new Shanghai. It’s especially breathtaking at night when the buildings and skyline are lit up, showcasing the city’s blend of history and modernity.

Relax at Huxinting Teahouse

Relax at Huxinting Teahouse, one of the oldest tea houses in Shanghai, located in the heart of the Yuyuan Garden. Built over 200 years ago, this teahouse offers a traditional setting where visitors can enjoy a variety of Chinese teas while overlooking the serene pond and bustling market area. It’s a perfect spot to take a break and immerse yourself in the local tea culture.


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Discover the Shanghai Art Deco Tour

Discover the Shanghai Art Deco Tour to see how this city became one of the world’s greatest repositories of Art Deco architecture. The tour highlights the rich collection of buildings from the 1920s and 1930s, many of which blend Art Deco styling with traditional Chinese motifs. It’s a fascinating way to learn about Shanghai’s architectural heritage and the stories behind these historic facades.

Wander through Tianzifang

Wander through Tianzifang, a labyrinth of narrow alleys and traditional Shikumen houses that have been transformed into a vibrant arts and crafts enclave. This area contrasts significantly with the city’s modern areas, offering cozy cafes, unique shops, and studios that showcase the creativity of local artists and entrepreneurs. Tianzifang is a charming place to explore, shop, and sample local snacks.

Enjoy Tea at the Old Shanghai Teahouse

Enjoy tea at the Old Shanghai Teahouse, which captures the essence of traditional Chinese tea culture amidst an ambiance filled with antiques and historical photographs. Located in the bustling Old City, this teahouse offers a variety of teas served alongside traditional Chinese music, providing a relaxing and culturally enriching experience.

See the Sun Yat-sen Residence

See the Sun Yat-sen Residence, the former home of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the founding father of the Republic of China. This historic house has been preserved as a museum that provides insights into his life and the pivotal role he played in Chinese politics. The residence is set in a tranquil neighborhood, offering a glimpse into the domestic life of one of China’s most revered leaders.

Stroll through Fuxing Park

Stroll through Fuxing Park, a French-style park in the former French Concession that blends Parisian landscape design with traditional Chinese elements. The park is a favorite among locals for morning Tai Chi, dancing, and other social activities. Its beautiful fountains, flower beds, and tree-lined paths offer a peaceful escape from the city hustle.

Admire the Majestic Theatre

Admire the Majestic Theatre, an Art Deco masterpiece built in the 1940s. This historic theater still hosts a variety of performances, ranging from modern plays to classical Chinese operas. With its elegant design and rich cultural programming, the Majestic Theatre remains a key venue for arts and entertainment in Shanghai.

Experience Tea Culture at the China Tea Museum

Experience tea culture at the China Tea Museum, where you can learn about the history and variety of Chinese tea. The museum offers exhibitions on the development of tea culture in China, tea-making processes, and the different types of tea produced across the country. Visitors can also participate in tea tasting sessions, making it a comprehensive and engaging experience for tea enthusiasts.


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