10 Best Things to Do in Dubrovnik for Stunning Coastlines and Game of Thrones Tours


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Dubrovnik is a city that captures the heart with its breathtaking coastlines and ancient streets. For fans of ‘Game of Thrones,’ it’s a real-life King’s Landing, offering a unique blend of historical exploration and fantasy. Whether you’re strolling along the ancient city walls, taking in the stunning views of the Adriatic Sea, or following in the footsteps of your favorite characters, there’s something magical about this place. It’s a perfect mix of adventure, history, and culture, making it a must-visit for anyone looking to experience the beauty of Croatia.

Walk the City Walls

Walking the city walls of Dubrovnik is a unique experience. As you make your way around, you’ll be treated to panoramic views of the Adriatic Sea on one side and the picturesque city on the other. These walls, rich in history, offer a glimpse into the past and a unique perspective on the city’s layout and beauty.

Explore Lokrum Island

Lokrum Island is a natural haven, offering tranquility just a short ferry ride away from Dubrovnik. With its botanical gardens, historic ruins, and the shimmering Dead Sea, Lokrum is a perfect spot for nature lovers. The peacocks and rabbits add a charming touch, making it a peaceful retreat.

Take a ‘Game of Thrones’ Tour

For fans of ‘Game of Thrones,’ a tour around Dubrovnik’s filming locations is a must-do. You’ll walk through the real-life settings of King’s Landing, seeing firsthand where pivotal scenes were shot. These tours not only celebrate the show but also offer fascinating insights into the city’s history.


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Ride the Dubrovnik Cable Car

The Dubrovnik Cable Car takes you on a scenic ride to Mount Srđ, offering breathtaking views of Dubrovnik and the Adriatic Sea. Reaching the summit provides a panoramic vista that’s hard to beat, making it a highlight for any visitor looking to capture the beauty of Croatia from above.

Visit Fort Lovrijenac

Fort Lovrijenac stands majestically outside the western wall of Dubrovnik, offering stunning views of the Adriatic and the city. Known as Dubrovnik’s Gibraltar, the fort’s rich history and architectural grandeur make it a fascinating visit, further enriched by its ‘Game of Thrones’ fame.

Stroll through the Old Town

The Old Town of Dubrovnik is a captivating maze of cobblestone streets and historic architecture. Exploring this area feels like stepping into a different era, with each turn revealing beautiful buildings, lively cafes, and unique shops. It’s the heart of the city, pulsing with culture and history.

Relax at Banje Beach

Banje Beach is Dubrovnik’s most beloved stretch of sand and pebble, known for its crystal-clear waters and spectacular views of the Old Town. It’s the perfect place to unwind, swim, and soak up the Mediterranean sun, with all the amenities you need for a comfortable day at the beach.

Discover Rector’s Palace

Rector’s Palace is a testament to Dubrovnik’s rich historical tapestry. Once the home of the Republic’s rector, now it houses a museum that showcases the city’s cultural heritage. The palace itself is an architectural marvel, blending Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque elements.

See the Dubrovnik Cathedral

The Dubrovnik Cathedral, or the Cathedral of the Assumption, is a magnificent example of Baroque architecture. Inside, it houses valuable art, including works attributed to Titian, and a collection of religious relics. The cathedral’s beauty and historical significance make it a must-see.

Enjoy the View from Mount Srđ

The summit of Mount Srđ offers the most stunning views of Dubrovnik and the surrounding sea. Whether you hike up or take the cable car, reaching the top is rewarding. The panorama from this vantage point is unmatched, providing a perfect backdrop for reflection or photography.


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