10 Best Singles Cruises For Over 40

Best Singles Cruises For Over 40

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Setting sail into the heart of vibrant destinations, singles cruises are becoming increasingly popular among the over-40 crowd—and for good reason. Beyond the mesmerizing horizons and sunlit decks, these cruises offer an exceptional blend of relaxation, adventure, and the thrill of meeting like-minded travelers. Whether you’re embracing a newfound freedom, seeking memorable experiences, or simply looking for a unique way to make new friends, the best singles cruises for those over 40 are tailored to deliver an unforgettable voyage.

Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean is synonymous with grandeur, offering massive ships adorned with luxurious amenities and an array of entertainment options. For singles over 40, this cruise line provides the perfect blend of adventure and leisure. With their adult-only solariums, specialty dining venues, and Broadway-style shows, there’s no shortage of opportunities to both indulge in personal hobbies and meet fellow travelers.

Evening parties and dance classes can be particularly enticing for those looking to mingle. Furthermore, Royal Caribbean has made a concerted effort to design staterooms for solo travelers, ensuring that the experience is tailored and comfortable.

Moreover, the vast array of destinations Royal Caribbean touches—be it the Caribbean’s azure waters, Europe’s historic coasts, or Asia’s bustling ports—offers singles the chance to embark on thrilling shore excursions.


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Whether it’s a wine tasting in Santorini or a zipline adventure in Puerto Rico, these experiences often become the backdrop for forming deep connections with fellow adventurers. The shared experiences on and off the ship make Royal Caribbean a top choice for singles over 40.

Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line

Famed for its “Freestyle Cruising” concept, Norwegian Cruise Line offers a more relaxed and customizable cruising experience. This makes it a fantastic option for singles over 40 who crave flexibility. The line’s commitment to solo travelers is evident through its Studio cabins, specially designed for single occupants, which also grant access to a private lounge where guests can socialize and exchange stories.

Onboard activities, from the diverse entertainment lineup to culinary classes, provide myriad chances to meet and interact with other guests.

For the over 40 demographic, Norwegian Cruise Line strikes a balance between relaxation and fun-filled adventure. The cruise line regularly organizes meet-ups for solo travelers, creating a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Furthermore, their varied itineraries, from Alaskan wilderness adventures to Caribbean island hopping, offer unique opportunities for personal discovery and bonding with fellow singles. With an emphasis on choice and flexibility, Norwegian ensures each traveler can craft their ideal vacation experience.

P&O Cruises

P&O Cruises

P&O Cruises, with its British heritage, exudes a blend of traditional charm and modern elegance. For singles over 40, P&O offers an atmosphere that’s both sophisticated and inviting. The line hosts exclusive singles events such as coffee mornings and special meet-and-greets, allowing guests to connect in a relaxed setting.

Moreover, the Anderson’s bar and library provide a cozy environment for quiet conversations and budding friendships.

The itineraries that P&O Cruises offers cater to a range of interests. Their themed cruises, which focus on topics like food, music, or dance, can be particularly appealing to the over 40 singles demographic, allowing them to delve deep into passions or explore new hobbies.

Ports of call in picturesque locales such as the Mediterranean or the fjords of Norway present further avenues for exploration and camaraderie. With P&O, singles can expect both a serene onboard environment and enriching off-board excursions.

Holland America Line

Holland America Line

Holland America Line (HAL) has a long-standing reputation for its refined and mature atmosphere, making it an ideal choice for singles over 40. HAL’s spacious ships exude a sense of classic luxury, with art collections, culinary workshops, and evening galas that cater to a discerning clientele.

The cruise line also offers “single partners” dance events, allowing solo travelers to dance the night away with fellow guests, a wonderful opportunity to connect and enjoy shared moments.


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Destinations play a key role in the Holland America experience. With extended port stays and immersive shore excursions, singles have ample time to explore new cultures and landscapes.

Whether it’s a scenic drive through New Zealand’s countryside or a gastronomic tour in the heart of Rome, these shared journeys offer singles a chance to bond over shared experiences. Holland America’s emphasis on deep cultural exploration ensures singles get more than just a glimpse of their destinations.



For those singles over 40 seeking a more intimate cruising experience, AmaWaterways is a top choice. Specializing in river cruises, AmaWaterways offers journeys that are both scenic and culturally immersive.

The smaller ship size creates a close-knit community vibe, fostering easy interactions and deep connections among guests. Special onboard events, such as wine tastings and live music, further enhance the communal atmosphere.

AmaWaterways excels in offering in-depth explorations of regions like the Rhine, Danube, and Mekong. The slower pace of river cruising allows guests to truly soak in the landscapes and delve deep into the heart of cities and towns.

For singles over 40, this means not just seeing a place, but experiencing its soul. Coupled with curated shore excursions and onboard enrichment programs, AmaWaterways ensures a fulfilling journey for solo travelers seeking cultural depth and genuine connections.

Silversea Cruises

Silversea Cruises

Silversea Cruises is the epitome of luxury and sophistication, making it an outstanding choice for singles over 40 who prioritize elegance and comfort. Every suite comes with an ocean view and the services of a dedicated butler, ensuring that solo travelers feel pampered and cared for throughout their journey.

The intimate size of Silversea ships encourages close interactions, and curated onboard activities, from gourmet dining experiences to lectures by renowned experts, create ample opportunities for mingling and learning.

Moreover, Silversea’s all-inclusive approach, which encompasses excursions, beverages, and gratuities, allows travelers to indulge without any financial concerns. Their exotic itineraries, spanning from the glacial landscapes of Antarctica to the ancient cities of the Mediterranean, encourage shared adventures and conversations among singles.

With a focus on both luxury and exploration, Silversea offers an unparalleled cruising experience for discerning solo travelers.

Adventure Canada

Adventure Canada

Adventure Canada stands out for those singles over 40 with a spirit of exploration and a thirst for the untamed. Specializing in journeys to Canada’s most remote regions, this cruise line promises genuine adventures, from spotting Arctic wildlife to delving into Indigenous cultures.

The smaller ship size and expedition-style travel foster a sense of camaraderie among passengers, where shared challenges and discoveries bond travelers together.

Onboard, the focus is on enrichment and education. Expert-led lectures, workshops, and presentations ensure that travelers are immersed in the region’s history, culture, and ecology.

Adventure Canada is not just about seeing new places but truly understanding and connecting with them. For singles with a passion for in-depth exploration, this cruise line offers a journey like no other.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Seven Seas

Regent Seven Seas Cruises is synonymous with all-inclusive luxury. Singles over 40 will appreciate the line’s attention to detail, from lavish suites to gourmet dining options. The onboard atmosphere is sophisticated yet relaxed, with enrichment programs, spa treatments, and entertainment offerings that cater to a mature clientele.

Social events, designed to encourage interaction, provide ample opportunities for solo travelers to meet and connect with fellow passengers.

One of Regent’s standout features is its comprehensive excursion program. Each cruise offers a plethora of carefully curated shore experiences, ensuring travelers can delve deep into each destination’s history, culture, and beauty.

The all-inclusive nature means singles can freely explore without worrying about additional costs. For those seeking luxury without compromise, Regent Seven Seas Cruises delivers on every front.



Embracing a storied maritime tradition, Cunard offers a voyage reminiscent of the golden age of cruising. Their iconic ships, like the Queen Mary 2, exude elegance and grandeur. For singles over 40, Cunard provides a unique blend of tradition and modernity.

Onboard activities, from the glamorous masquerade balls to intellectual lectures, appeal to a diverse range of interests and ensure there’s always an opportunity to socialize.


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Cunard’s Transatlantic crossings are particularly renowned, offering travelers the chance to experience the magic of days gone by. Their world voyages, touching ports from Sydney to Dubai, offer singles the opportunity to explore the world in style.

With a legacy of excellence and a commitment to creating memorable experiences, Cunard is a top choice for solo travelers seeking both luxury and tradition.

Virgin Voyages

Virgin Voyages

With a flair for innovation and luxury, Virgin Voyages boldly redefines what it means to cruise. Their ships, boasting sleek designs and contemporary aesthetics, invite guests to indulge in a modern maritime experience.

Especially appealing to singles, Virgin Voyages emphasizes an adult-centric environment, ensuring that onboard atmospheres resonate with mature sensibilities. Engaging events, from pulsating pool parties to immersive theatre experiences, ensure there’s never a dull moment.

Virgin Voyages’ commitment to sustainability and well-being is evident in their eco-friendly initiatives and sumptuous wellness facilities. Their intriguing itineraries, ranging from the vibrant Caribbean to European coastal gems, cater to the wanderlust of solo explorers.

With an ethos of reimagining the classic cruise experience, Virgin Voyages presents an enticing choice for singles in search of both sophistication and excitement.

Are There Cruises For Singles Only?

Yes, there are cruises specifically designed for singles. These “singles cruises” are tailored to solo travelers looking to meet and connect with other like-minded individuals. They offer specialized activities, events, and social functions to facilitate interaction and camaraderie among guests.

Whether it’s through dance parties, themed nights, or group excursions, singles cruises create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, ensuring that solo travelers have ample opportunities to mingle and form lasting bonds.

These are just some of the most popular cruises for singles only.

Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise Line caters adeptly to solo travelers, understanding the unique needs and preferences that come with traveling alone. A standout feature is their studio cabins, available on ships like the Norwegian Epic.

These cabins provide single cruisers with accommodations that are both comfortable and economically designed for them, ensuring they get the best experience without any accompanying price hikes.


Breaking away from the conventions of traditional cruises, SinglesCruise offers an exhilarating multi-destination adventure tailored for the solo traveler. Understandably, embarking on a journey alone can seem daunting, but SinglesCruise transforms this experience into one of camaraderie and shared thrills.

Beyond the standard lodging, food, and onboard entertainment, guests are treated to cocktail mixers, themed parties, karaoke nights, and more. Additionally, the presence of approachable onboard hosts ensures that all questions are addressed, making the cruising experience seamless and enjoyable.

For the more adventurous, there are options to zip-line through rainforests or explore hidden waterfalls, although these come with additional fees.

Sail Croatia

Sail Croatia encourages solo adventurers to embrace the spirit of travel without the burden of added costs. They passionately believe in not charging singles extra, promoting an environment where like-minded travelers can connect effortlessly.

With twin-share cabins, Sail Croatia pairs guests with similar interests, ensuring that solo travelers find companionship onboard. For those who prefer a personal space, cabins are available with a single-supplement.

Assisting in making the journey smooth and memorable, dedicated Tour Managers are present on every cruise, ensuring that solo travelers are always in good company.

Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean, a name synonymous with grandeur in cruising, has not overlooked the solo traveler. Recognizing the need for specialized accommodations, they’ve introduced solo cabins in their impressive fleet, notably in ships like Brilliance of the Seas, Quantum of the Seas, Ovation of the Seas, and Anthem of the Seas.

These solo cabins ensure that individual travelers experience the luxury and opulence of Royal Caribbean without any compromises.

Holland America

Solo travelers aboard Holland America aren’t left to wander alone. The cruise line has created the Single Partners Program, available on most of its ships. This program is designed to connect singles with group activities that are fun, engaging, and interactive.

Through these activities, solo cruisers have the opportunity to meet and interact with fellow travelers, making their journey both memorable and social.


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