15 Best Cafés in Budapest

Best Cafés in Budapest

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Budapest, the illustrious capital of Hungary, teems with an eclectic fusion of history, culture, and exceptional culinary delights. Among these gastronomic wonders are the city’s renowned cafés – unique sanctuaries of flavor and ambiance that each paint their own vivid narrative. From enchanting riverside retreats and age-old literary havens to hip, modern coffee houses adorned with eye-catching art, each café is a reflection of Budapest’s vibrant character.

This article will be your guide to the best cafés in Budapest, each offering a distinct brew of coffee and charm, indulging you in an intimate exploration of the city’s coffee culture, one cup at a time.

Café Gerbeaud

Nestled in the heart of Vörösmarty Square, Café Gerbeaud is an institution in Budapest’s café scene. Since 1858, it has enamored visitors with its blend of history, opulence, and delectable offerings. Its opulent interiors, boasting chandeliers and hand-carved wooden panels, transport you to a bygone era.

The café takes pride in its rich selection of traditional Hungarian pastries, such as the Esterházy cake and Dobos Torte. The coffee menu is equally impressive, with a variety of beans sourced globally. A visit to Café Gerbeaud isn’t merely about enjoying a cup of coffee, it’s about savoring the essence of Budapest.


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New York Café

Dubbed the “Most Beautiful Café in the World,” New York Café is nothing short of a masterpiece. The café showcases Renaissance-style architecture, with grand columns, frescoes, and gold detailing adorning the opulent space.


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The café serves an array of aromatic coffees, traditional Hungarian pastries, and fine-dining courses. Patrons can savor these delicacies while basking in the café’s historical and artistic ambience. The café often hosts live music, adding an extra layer of sophistication to the already refined atmosphere.

Espresso Embassy

Espresso Embassy, located in the city center, represents Budapest’s modern coffee scene. The café’s minimalist design perfectly complements its sophisticated approach to coffee brewing.

Espresso Embassy sources its beans from reputable international roasters, with a focus on ethical sourcing and sustainable farming practices. Their baristas are experts in their craft, providing visitors with a wide selection of specialty coffees and alternative brewing methods.

My Little Melbourne

Inspired by Australia’s vibrant café culture, My Little Melbourne offers a taste of the “down under” in the heart of Budapest. This café boasts a lively, laid-back atmosphere and a modern industrial-chic interior.

Their coffee menu is as diverse as it is high quality, with everything from strong espressos to smooth flat whites. This café also serves breakfast all day, with a menu offering a variety of healthy and delicious options. My Little Melbourne is a cosmopolitan oasis amid the city’s historic streets.


Szimply is a charming, artfully decorated café in Budapest’s historic district. It’s a small establishment, which adds to its intimate and cozy atmosphere.

Szimply has earned its reputation for its farm-to-table approach, focusing on organic, locally sourced ingredients. It pairs delightful, nutritious breakfasts and brunches with well-crafted coffees, featuring a selection of single-origin beans.


Fekete, meaning “black” in Hungarian, is a gem in Budapest’s coffee culture. Hidden in a courtyard off the busy Museum Boulevard, Fekete provides a tranquil space to savor some of the city’s best coffee.

Fekete focuses on clean, quality brewing methods to showcase the unique flavors of their coffee. They also serve mouthwatering homemade pastries and sandwiches, perfect for a light breakfast or lunch.


Kontakt is at the forefront of Budapest’s specialty coffee scene, with a distinct no-sugar policy, emphasizing the natural flavors of their carefully selected coffee beans.

Their minimalist space, filled with natural light, creates an inviting atmosphere. Kontakt serves up meticulously prepared pour-overs and espressos that perfectly demonstrate the baristas’ dedication to the craft of coffee brewing.

Ruszwurm Confectionery

Established in 1827, Ruszwurm Confectionery is one of the oldest traditional cafés in Budapest. Located in the Castle District, it offers a quaint and authentic taste of Hungarian history.

Besides its superb coffee, Ruszwurm is best known for its delightful pastries. The “Ruszwurm cream pastry,” a local favorite, is a must-try. This café is a perfect spot for those seeking a taste of traditional Budapest.

KávéBár Bazár

KávéBár Bazár, located in the trendy Jewish Quarter, is a lively café offering a warm and convivial atmosphere. The café’s eclectic decor, with vintage furniture and vibrant artwork, contributes to its distinctive charm.

The café offers a diverse menu of aromatic coffees, homemade pastries, and hearty sandwiches. At KávéBár Bazár, the focus is on quality ingredients and careful preparation, ensuring each dish and drink is served to perfection.

Tamp & Pull

Tamp & Pull, with several locations around the city, is a leading player in Budapest’s third wave coffee scene. The café’s interior is sleek and contemporary, echoing its modern approach to coffee brewing.

Known for their exceptional espressos, they also offer alternative brewing methods such as Aeropress and V60. In addition, Tamp & Pull’s friendly and knowledgeable staff are always eager to guide customers through their coffee journey.

Budapest Baristas

Nestled in the city center, Budapest Baristas combines a deep understanding of coffee with a passion for gourmet food. The café’s cozy, relaxed setting makes it an excellent place to unwind and savor the city’s coffee culture.

Their coffee menu features a variety of single-origin beans, and their food menu includes both Hungarian and international cuisines. The café also hosts barista courses for those wanting to delve deeper into the world of coffee.

Double Shot

Double Shot is a trendy café situated near the Danube river. The café’s sleek, modern design creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, perfect for a relaxed coffee break.

Double Shot offers a range of excellent coffees, from classic espressos to seasonal specialty brews. They also serve a selection of delicious pastries and sandwiches, making it an ideal spot for both a quick coffee or a leisurely lunch.

Madal Cafe

Named after the spiritual leader Sri Chinmoy (whose nickname was “Madal”), Madal Cafe is more than a coffee shop. This café seeks to create a serene space where people can find peace and inspiration.

Specializing in high-quality, ethically sourced coffees, Madal offers a range of brews from around the world. Their welcoming atmosphere and thoughtful service make every visit a relaxing experience.

London Coffee Society

Drawing inspiration from the bustling coffee scene in London, this café brings a dash of British flair to Budapest. London Coffee Society is an inviting space with a cozy, industrial-style design.

The café serves carefully prepared, aromatic coffees, alongside a delightful food menu. The staff’s passion for coffee is palpable, making it a must-visit for any coffee enthusiast in the city.

Massolit Books & Café

This café is a paradise for literature and coffee lovers alike. Massolit Books & Café, located in the city’s Jewish district, is a cozy, quiet sanctuary filled with books from floor to ceiling.

Along with their excellent coffee, they serve homemade cakes and cookies, making it the perfect place to escape the city bustle. This café-bookstore offers a unique, tranquil experience that leaves visitors longing for more.


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