5 Helpful Packing Tips for Traveling Around a New Country

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Traveling around a new country should be one of the most exciting times of your life.

That excitement is significantly dampened after you discover that you have packed so many unnecessary things that your suitcase is way over the weight limit, and it will cost you a fortune to take that stuff with you.

Not only that, but an overloaded suitcase also means that you must lug extra weight around with you for no good reason. To avoid that happening, here are five helpful packing tips to help you pack just the right amount of luggage:

  1. Roll Your Clothes

A super helpful tip when packing your suitcases is to roll your clothes.


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Rolling your clothing items can save you loads of space than if you just had to fold them. Rolling your clothing items will make each piece smaller and allow each of them to fit snuggly together in your suitcase.

Some items will roll a lot easier than others. If an item just is not playing ball and refuses to roll neatly (like a jacket) – consider getting those items vacuum-sealed ahead of time to save on space.

  1. Comfortable Walking Shoes

Another top tip for traveling – pack comfortable walking shoes.

This tip is particularly important when traveling to Europe. Europe offers so many different adventures and most of them rely on some heavy-duty walking along the way.

Choose a good-looking pair that will not give your feet blisters, and then pack extra socks.

  1. Musical Instrument Packing Advice

For most musicians, being away from their instruments is borderline torturous.

There is no reason why your guitar cannot come along on your next trip, you just need to ensure that it is safely stored away when it is not in use. The best way to do that is to invest in a good-quality ATA case. 

If you are thinking to yourself, but what is an ATA case – fear not! You can learn about them online in less than two minutes.

  1. Embrace Multi-Purpose Items

Choose to pack clothing and shoes that can seamlessly transition from daytime adventures to date night in a cinch. 

Your packed items need to serve as many purposes as possible, so choosing a jacket with shoulder pads is not a good idea – unless you are going to a job interview.

Save luggage space by planning your outfits ahead of time and packing only the items that make the cut.

  1. Wear Bulky Items on The Plane

One of the neatest tricks seasoned travelers will teach you is so simple that you may wish you had thought of it sooner. 

If you want to travel with large jackets or bulkier items – wear them on the flight. It is a simple yet effective method to pack more without adding extra weight to your likely already overburdened suitcase.

Do not go too wild here – you do not want to get flagged as a suspicious traveler and spend hours going through your luggage with TSA agents

Stick to just a few layers, and do not try to wear every item of clothing you have on your flight just so you can pack more in your luggage.

To End

After following the above tips, your next adventure can be all about having a good time and not about worrying about packing logistics!


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